Landscape Services​

Due to a long history working with governments, institutions and companies in both construction and landscaping, we are uniquely placed to give a full integrated solution, from pre-construction to final execution, for premium quality external works and specialized public spaces, urban design and landscape architecture.


Our Services

1- Supply of High Quality Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Total area of over 2 million metres squared in production area  located overseas and in Alkharaj and Aseer in KSA. Verdascape sources a range of plants grown in our nurseries in Turkey, Indonesia, and Egypt

2- Softscape, Hardscape and Paving

Verdascape offers an extensive range of soft and hard landscape services including civil works, road works and all civil construction needs.

3- Shade Structure Fabrication Supply and Installation

Verdascape combines elegance with with modern technology and practicality for providing shade

4- Irrigation and Water Management

Water is the crucial element required for the nourishment of every elegant landscape. Verdascape helps you set up an irrigation system that ensures maximum growth of plants and trees in your beautifying landscape

5- Electromechanical and Water Features

Irrigation and MEP considerations for a project as well as water fountains, features and all piping and water supply consideration

6- Project Management

Verdascape follows an internal project management work protocol which acts as a reference guide

7- Landscape Lighting Supply and Installation

Landscape lighting systems are provided to illuminate and enhance landscaping works at Night

8- Theming Works to Define Project Identity

i.e. internal roads, walls, glass, steel, blocks, landscaping, doors, plumbing and electrical considerations

9- Pre-Construction

Process planning of construction project before the actual execution begins

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